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More About Repairing your Art

We offer painting restoration and repair through The Fine Arts Conservatory.

Our conservators are academically or museum trained and have served rigorous internships in the finest museums in the world for painting restoration and repair; most hold one or more advanced academic degrees in Conservation Science and some teach painting restoration and repair to major museums internationally.

Leading museums, major private collectors, galleries, noted contemporary artists and governments, both domestic and international, rely upon the painting restoration and repair techniques by the museum trained conservators of The Fine Arts Conservancy / Stoneledge to conserve, restore and frame their cherished works of art and antiques.

To ensure that your art and antiques receive the finest of expert care and painting restoration and repair, please contact The Fine Arts Conservancy / Stoneledge’s resident specialists.

Following a consultation, we would be pleased to undertake the protocol required for painting restoration and repair.

Contact us today to safeguard and enhance your works of art.

Art is a timeless heritage passed from generation to generation. Invest in your future today.
Karen Ledbetter