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More About Willem G. Flippo

Willem G. Flippo is a master appraiser of fine art, capable of assessing the quality and value of exquisite oil paintings, from the 19th century and early 20th century impressionistic and traditional works of art by renowned artists, from all over the world.

You will be impressed with what his 35 years of experience brings to the discriminating eye.

Mr Flippo had his beginnings in Belgium and Holland at the start of the 70’s, when WGF and his brother opened De Gulden Bijl” in Borgerhout, Belgium and later developed Gallery 1900 in Holland, near The Hague. International acquisitions began about 5 year later with trips to Germany, Belgium, France and England.

The Art Gallery Antwerp opened in September of 1976. After the first exhibition that featured catalog listings the local newspaper came and covered the event. The next day the headlines read: “Dutchman, WGF, Brings Important Belgium Paintings back to Belgium.”

Intense study, acquaintance and love for the Belgium art, caused WGF to publish an important and reliable art reference book, “The Lexicon of the Belgian Romantic Painters” published in 1981. The Lexicon is the fruit of an international cooperation between a team of art-historians from different Belgian universities, and specialists in 19th – century painting, several museums, international art-auctions, and art-merchants. The project took over two years to complete. Still available, the Lexicon features over 600 photographs and the signatures of major artists.

Shortly after, international art travel and shows took WGF to the art and antique shows in New York, Boston, Atlantic City, Miami Beach, Philadelphia, and White Plains. This was the beginning of his love for international influence.

In 1984 Mr Flippo reserved his first Miami Art & Antique Show booths. One of his favorite shows is at the Miami Beach Convention Center every year in January.

Now headquartered in Hollywood, Florida, Mr Flippo is available to assist you in enhancing or appraising your own private collection and that of your family.

All appraised paintings in the Karen Ledbetter Galleries come with an appraisal report and guarantee of authenticity.

Art is a timeless heritage passed from generation to generation. Invest in your future today.
Karen Ledbetter