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More About Karen Ledbetter Galleries

Karen Ledbetter GALLERIES started out of my love for art. Since I draw, paint and collect art myself, I am well aware of the need and desire to get exposure for ones art to the world. My passion is to see individuals, painters, artists, art teams, and families succeed in the special things they alone are called to do, to thrive, influence, be joyful and reach all of their own special potential.

Since my heart is always toward the artists, my focus is on marketing the artist to as many unique and individual markets as possible. In my opinion the possibilities are endless. We are continually researching and searching out international markets as well as those niche markets within the United States and the world that are unique to the artist. South Florida is becoming an influential art Mecca.

It’s the desire of the gallery to be an effective place of recognition and hub to the many faceted spokes in the promotion wheel.

Besides hosting gala events with special feature artists we are allowing the arts such as dance in the form of Jazz, Salsa, Tango exhibitions to have a place in the gallery. We are a showcase for artists that feature sculptures, art in mixed media, photo and digital photo art as well as the traditional oils, acrylic and watercolor pieces. My goal is to assist artists promote their art worldwide.

It has long been the dream of the gallery to open the doors to more of the arts, as witnessed by friends of the gallery attending the art shows we like to mix up the international flavor.

For example the show for Niek van der Plas, listed artist from Holland, in February 2009,

the One Stop Art Show, in July 2009,

the “Art Unwrapped” show featuring sculptor, Bob Scott, November 2010;

“Island Fever” solo show for artist Jean Taylor, from Turks and Caicos Islands who debuted her art at Karen Ledbetter GALLERIES. (First time in America) August 2012.

“International Festival of the Arts Art Gala” at Privet in The Sportsman Theatre at Gulfstream Racetrack and Casino, Hallandale Beach, FL. October 2012.

“Ultimate Birthday Bash” at Karen Ledbetter GALLERIES, December 2013.

“Flirt and Flirt II” Celebrating love, life and the human form at the Gallery, January and February 2013. COMING SOON

“Green Party” March 22nd, starting at 7:30 p.m. with Live Percussionist Band.

“Skin” April 26th. Summer Solo Art Show featuring “Jessie Melero” body painter and artist extraordinaire.

The gallery features along with phenomenal art from all over the world: singing, Jazz, Salsa and Tango dancing exhibitions, as well as Percussion exhibitions and inspirational solos performances on the didgeridoo.

In keeping with the desire to be an effectual venue for all the arts the Cultural Arts Center known as Karen Ledbetter GALLERIES offers dance classes, art/painting lessons, newly added painting classes for “special needs” artists and classes for all ages weekly.

At Karen Ledbetter Galleries, our International collection of modern and contemporary art continues to grow. Along with art by Andy Warhol, Picasso, Britto, David Banegas, and other listed artists from Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Cuba and the rest of the world. The Gallery is striving to present key examples of South Florida artists like Jose Julio, Joan Keirstead, Randee, Greg Tayon and Felicia Marangakis, Robin White, Antonio Guerrero, and many more.

Our South Florida artists feature rich abstractions, mixed media, artography, and a myriad of sculpture and eco-art pieces. The gallery is a dynamic art center where visitors can learn, reflect, be inspired, purchase and collect incredible art.

FUSION PROGRAM: Especially designed to permit artist to remain creative and focus on their art while we focus on promoting their art worldwide.
Call 754.422.9580.

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• Hours: Tuesday – Friday 11-6 p.m. Saturday 11 - 6 p.m.
Sunday and Mondays by appointment.

DIRECTIONS: Traveling on I-95, take Commercial Blvd, East to Andrews, make a right turn and go to Prospect Ave. and turn left, just past NE 6th Avenue, get ready to turn right into the "Best Florida Storage Building Space" Prospect Plastic is on the far left as you look at the building and the Galleries on the far right. Come and visit the gallery today!!!

• Payment: cash, pay pal, wire transfer, cashier’s check, personal checks and credit cards accepted.

• We also service the Boca Raton area, Palm Beach, Stuart and Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Make an appointment to meet one-on-one with owner, Karen Ledbetter, curator, David Rodriguez for your own private glimpse at what the future of art will hold.
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