Resident Artists

Antonio Guerrero  MIXED MEDIA
Antonio Guerrero is a Cuban American, who grew up in a household where artistic expression was encouraged, and although materials were not always available, …    read more

Niek van der Plas  OIL
Van der Plas is a colorist. Preferably he works with warm colors. His paintings have a French environment.
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Jon Glaser is an aspiring photographer. He shoots landscapes and abstracts, showcasing a relationship between color and light. …    read more

Jose Julio  ACRYLIC
Jose Julio sold his first painting in 1978 in his native city of Santiago de Cuba at 15 years of age. In his neighborhood of Contramaestre he became a kind of celebrity.…    read more

Joan De Rosa Keirstead  MIXED MEDIA
“ When an artists paints, they are expressing their thoughts and emotion with paint instead of words, which means my work maybe expressing what is going on in my life or the world.”
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Mixed media artist whose creativity in drawing cames from a background in the fashion drawing and design industry. …    read more

artist Randee  MIXED MEDIA
RANDEE began painting at a young age, born into the artistic nature of New York.Her paintings portray the significance of the harmonious balance between…read more

Robin White  OIL
Robin White is a Painter/artist in the medium of oil on canvas. She is living and working in South Florida. …  read more

Lisa Bentley  OIL
Lisa Bentley was born on the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados. She moved to South Florida to further her career. Her primary medium is acrylic on canvas. Her passion is tropical floral art. read more

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