FUSION: Representing You and Your Art
Passionate about your success.

We like to think of the gallery as a public relations firm when it comes to you and your art.

Not only are we taking the time to get to know you and your art, we also want to understand the goals you have for advancing your art and your name.

Artists ourselves, and compassionate, the team is keenly aware of the needs facing emerging and established artists.

Creating amazing art and marketing is a tough juggling act with delicate boundaries.

Your art will be introduced to a whole new set of eyes. Designers, decorators and collectors are regularly invited to the gallery.

Private viewings and solo shows are available to showcase your art.

We’re using innovative marketing that include magazines, social media, streaming radio and television.

Unique opportunities are presented to the gallery regularly that may be a perfect fit for you.

If you are not already a listed artist, programs exist for you to become a listed artist.

From presentation and placement in the gallery to the details of client information and accounting, the personal care of your art is what we specialize in.

Reaching our entire client base, via email, and filmed interviews are a staple form of marketing.
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The high energy, creative producing atmosphere, hospitality and charm of the gallery is a plus that the art community loves and looks forward to whenever they come to the gallery.